Welcome to crunchyskies

This site is here to catalog my experiments, essays, reviews, rants, and random findings. It's sort of a blog, but more of just a log.

If you're wondering where my stylesheets are, congratulations: You're in the wrong place. The vast majority of this website is "coded" using gedit, featuring the same rudimentary HTML I've known since I was 12. As long as I'm not blinding you, the point here isn't an amazing layout; that's not to say I won't make improvements with time. But generally speaking, I intend the meat of this site to be its sheer content; not the form in which it's presented. I'm confident I can provide a take on things you won't find elsewhere, so take it or leave it. Rather than detail who I am (which isn't really that hard to work out, if you really do care), I'd rather you build your own perception based on the varied scope of materials I'm offering. Or if you know me already, then who cares? But who cares anyway? Above all else, I'm here to share an experience, and I hope you can benefit from my content.

My stuff covers a wide scope. It's a complete salad of anything that captured my interest enough to write about. Maybe you can identify tendencies, but there's no overarching topic here, at least not intentionally. This is a bunch of miscellaneous slides; a set of views. Nothing more.

I have no regular update schedule; for example, I reserve the right to blast out multiple postings at once, and then lay completely dormant for a while. But as a trend, things should continue to appear here. My postings are linked below; new stuff first.


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